Smurf World #2: Gutsy

 Gutsy Smurf
It is an exclusive Smurf character that only appears in the The Smurfs movie 2011. He was created for the film and does not appear in the comics or in The Smurfs cartoon series.
I didn't buy a ready-made Gutsy for it is too expensive (RM46.00).
I bought a common Smurf instead (for only RM18.00), and made some changes for him.
This is the most common Smurf you can buy at any plush stores for approximately RM18.00 to RM10.00. It appears without a single accessory.

Using brown plush cloth, make eye-brows for the smurf. Glue them on.
You can buy the brown plush cloth at KAMDAR.

Cut a piece of brown plush cloth to make Gutsy's sideburns.
Gutsy Smurf must look like, somehow, Elvis Presley.

Create a Scottish costume for Gutsy. A skirt, belt, brown pouch/bag and sling cloth.
Brown felt cloth can be used to make Gutsy's bag and belt.

Cut a piece of blue plush cloth to make a pluffy ball.
Attach the pluffy ball to the very end/top of Gutsy's hat.

Gutsy Smurf!!! Here you are!!!!