Wedding Idea: Wishing Tree VS Guest Book

My friend has been asking me about the most suitable guest book for her upcoming wedding. As I've volunteered myself to help, I had to do some research on this matter..hahaha.

Well, I suggest a Wishing Tree instead..... It looks stunning in certain ways...

A Wishing Tree shall be more memorable and relevant to keep for the rest of our live.
 It is soooo unique to let every guest to write a wish (ucapan) on a paper for the brides.
Then, the paper is hung on any branch of an artificial tree... Wow!!!

 We can prepare the cards ourselves....

 This one is so beautiful!

 Well, it can be placed on every dining table...
But, you may need a lot of wishing trees....haha

If you are not using a wishing tree, you might love this guest book!!!
It's quite a fascinating guest book....with envelops inside. The guests will write on the card and put it inside the envelop. That's cool!

This is another example.....just use the cards and put them in a bowl. Wow! Cool!
This method is easier...if you are out of time to prepare.

I hope this entry might inspire you in certain ways! Love you all!

Wishing Tree is NOT a Wish Tree. A wish tree is for religious purposes, and a particular real tree is used!!! People hang written notes of their wishes, hoping that their GOD will fulfill what they are wishing for. On the other hand, wishing tree is a tree where visitors/guests of a particular event/ceremony can hang their written notes, as memos for certain people that may the event/ceremony may concern.

Pictures: Google


  1. this is so cool.
    i never heard about the wishing tree before this.

    yang guest book tu tau la.
    well, nice info sis.


  2. Jarang org buat...but cool kan!

  3. great idea. i think is so simple yet creative

  4. Yup Fareha..I think so too...
    Amirah, cool kan?...zaman dulu x de pon menda2 mcm ni.

  5. waaa.... bestnye ade wishing trees ^_^

  6. yeah mmg cool,..simpan idea ni dalam otak laju2.. hehe..

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