DIY Denim Legging for Baby Dolls- Handsewn

This type of legging is suitable for any baby dolls including Baby Alive, Baby Born,
You & Me, Cititoy and many more.

These are the stuff I used.
First, I downloaded a template design by my favourite sewing guru
on her YouTube channel called Lelesdesigns.
Please watch the video if you want to know more.
You can visit the channel too for the printable design.

Since I was making a legging for this tall Cititoy doll,
I used the 16" template.

I simply use this brilliant template to cut the cloth.

I also made another one for a medium-size Baby Alive
which only needed the 12" template.

 I folded both legs like this....and pinned all the edges which I wanted to hand-sew.

After I had done sewing the chosen edges (shown in the above picture),
I took one leg and pull it inside out.
The one with the dark blue colour was inserted into
the other one, the light blue leg.
(You can understand better by studying the picture below)

Then, I attached both legs like this and pinned them before sewing.

...and they are done!

I didn't use the tape because the pants fit the doll perfectly without it.

The fabric is stretchable so the doll can stand and sit freely.   

What do you think?

 I will write about the top/mini dress I made for this doll,
the one it's wearing.
I used a template design from Lelesdesigns too.

Bye now!


  1. so cute but tbh dolls scares me and I don't like dolls. haha

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