How to Repair a Baby Alive doll

This is a Baby Alive - My Baby Alive 2010

-stopped talking
-Water leaking

What happened?
One of my nieces loves to play with this doll.
This is her favorite. Probably because this one looks like her.
We call this doll 'Lola'.
She loves to give Lola drinks using a sippy cup
which is of course a real sippy cup for toddlers.
 Hence, the water flow of this sippy cup is a lot and fast.

So, one day, when my niece was giving Lola some water
using this sippy cup,
she accidentally poured a lot of water into Lola's eyes.
Yes, Lola was drinking while laying on a potty train.

After a while, Lola stopped talking.
She couldn't talk anymore.
I was confident that this happened because of the water.
The speaker might be wet or somehow water-soaked.
The water was also leaking  through ridiculous spots
such as through the speakers holes, legs, neck, arms.

So I decided to open the doll....
since I have done this before...for another BA doll
called Baby All Gone 2009 which you can click here to see.

I found out that the tube was broken.
So not only the speaker got wet from the water poured through her eyes,
but also through this old and broken tube.

FYI, the same thing has happened to my Baby All Gone 2009 too!
So I figured, if the water is leaking through ridiculous parts of the doll's body,
its tube might be broken somewhere, from being too old.

I used a bag of rice to absorb moisture in the speaker.
I did that by removing the speaker from its socket
and let it sit in a plate of raw rice. as if I buried the speaker in the rice overnight.
I left it there for the whole day and night.
Many people do not believe this method,
but it worked to fix my problem. Lucky.
The next morning, Lola talked as soon as I pressed her wristband!!!
Thank GOD!

After that, I proceeded to the next mission.
Changing Lola's tube.
FYI, I already have the new silicone tube...
the leftovers from repairing the previous BA Baby All Gone.
I bought it at a hardware store near my house
for RM1 per meter. So cheap!

But before that, I managed to clean the clogged food around Lola's neck.
I used wet ear tips to wipe it out. 

I tightened the ON/OFF switch too.

Then, I had to use a small knife to get rid of the old tube
which was originally glued to Lola's bottom... as you can see the yellow arrow.
This was also to discard any excessive old glue.

I attached the new tube into its socket, Lola's bottom.

It looks like this. But not as easy as it seems in the picture.
This type of new tube is smaller than the socket which
made me feel annoyed
when I tried to get it attached to the doll's bottow.
Extremely difficult!!!

As for Lola's neck, I had to cut a piece of old pipe
(which is bigger than the new one),
to join the socket and new tube together.
So this is the trick! Don't throw the old tube away
for it might be useful for this matter.

I placed the speaker back at its original slot and screwed it tight.

I put some tissues everywhere, just for fun.
I mean, to prevent any leaking in the future.
Hoping that these tissues will absorb any lost water
before it gets to the speaker again!

Before I closed everything back, I gave it a test...
Using the sippy cup I mentioned earlier,
the water seemed to flow well through this new tube.
I was so happy at that time, looking the water get out
from the doll's bottom.
It shows everything will be normal again! LOL...

So, that'sit for today.
I hope this entry helps you
if you're having such problems with your BA dolls.


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  1. Everything is very open with a really clear description of
    the issues. It was definitely informative. Your site is useful.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. wow,,,very re good in repairing..what a talent!

    btw..drop by here :)

  3. Hai sis, boleh tak saya hantar doll saya kat sis, sebab doll saya pun tak boleh cakap lepas jatuh, da operate pun still tak boleh cakap

    1. hai... Sy pandai tukar tiub je biasanya... masalah lain sy x berani. cuba buka tgk dlu ape masalah. Yang Baby Alive Soft-face 2006 sy rosak ari tu, x blh baiki sendiri. X hidup langsung lepas bagi air. Rupanya tiub hancur pastu air kena suis. Sy x boleh baiki sendiri. Sy pun hantar ke kedai baiki kereta mainan di KL... dia amik RM80.00. Katanya suis terbakar. Hihihi

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  4. ya Allah nini.. rajin n terror nyaa! hahahha. akk ni, doll2 mcmni pun kadang2 seram2 mcm real plak rasanyaaa.. minat sgguh eh?? hehehe