1st Segment Santri : My beloved Computer...

This is my previous laptop. It's my second laptop. It survived for 2 years with me. I won't suggest you to buy this brand, though it's a leading brand until now....you can guess what it is..hihi. It uses AMD processor which is believed to get hot very fast.....but the most excellent processor for game sake.
I've sold it to someone, after repairing it. It cost me RM400. But I could sell it then for about RM400 too.

Currently, I'm using ASUS K40AE Series. Love it!!!
I bought it a year ago, for approximately RM2000 only, not more...still in excellent condition.
"Feel The Cool Comfort"...It is believed to be 25% cooler than body temperature...hmmm...I'm not sure with this...but so far, I might say it's true. You won't feel like your palm is burning as you are using keyboard...haha. It promises ice-cool palm rest.

ASUS K40AE Series

Further Basic Information....

Platform : Notebook PC
Processor : AMD Athlon Dual Core Processor M320 (2.1GHz/1 MB L2 Cache)
Chipset : AMD M880G
Weight : 2.36 Kg
Memory : 1 GB DDR2 800 MHz RAM
Graphics : ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200
Hard Drive : 320 GB HDD SATA
Optical Drive : DVD Writer Super Multi Dual Layer
Display : 14" Inch HD
Display Max Resolution : 1366x768
Camera : 0.3 Mega Pixel WebCamera
Card Reader : SD、MMC、MS
Power : AC Adaptor 65 Watt
Battery : 6 Cell Li-ion Battery

Frankly, I'm satisfied with ASUS K40AE Series.

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  1. wahh laptop terbaik nih.. haa dah banyak tempaham doodle.. pasni bleh la tukar Alienware.. huhu

  2. hehehe....Alienware ke, malware ke, tupperware ke...semua x nak..hehe

    Thanks Naim

  3. Wah, kagumnya. Sangat detail info ur lappy. hehe Im looking for new lappy gak after my lappy yg ada skarang got problem. Tp agak puas hati jugaklah after use this old lappy about 6 years. Proud with this brand. ^_^

  4. tajuk lagu blog kite
    Cinta Antara Kita..
    OST Dunia Baru..

  5. best ta gne asus? ara na bli asus dluw p ta mampu.. huhu

  6. Asyila = so far okay la....bagus la gak sbb mmg x panas. Tp portable cooler fan ninie guna 2 biji kot...hahaha. sbb latop x penah off. emmm...doakan yang ni bertahan lama.

  7. i love my asus too K401i..apentah tak ingat

  8. terima kasih ninie sebab sudi join dan maaflah lambat replay komen sebab tengah wat entri khas untuk ni...terima kasih! entri yg cukup lengkap menepati syarat2 yg diperlukan!!