Fashion #1: Cleopatra

I love Cleopatra...and so, I wanted to look like her at a party....last year.

Costume party
Dinner: 2010
I chose to be in Arabic + Gypsy + Cleopatra style.....

Saving but trendy!!!!

It is free.... I already have it since I was a kid. My father travels a lot. He bought this many many years ago. So, jimat, saving!!!!! Otherwise, I had to buy it for more than RM50.00. You can get it at any Gypsy shops or costume party outlets.


I stamped a glittery shawl on my old black cotton shirt. The shawl was borrowed from my friend....hihi. So it became like a real Gypsy style of dress. I was wearing a very huge-cut of pants.... It can't be bought at any dress outlets or boutiques.

It's a ready pant in my wardrobe. I bought it 2 years ago for RM49.90. It's still in excellence until now. It looks like you're wearing a skirt, but it's a pair of trousers...indeed.

4 inches.....It was purchased at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.....for RM70.00. It's still in marvelous condition until now.....rarely use it.

Clutch bag:
Borrowed from my mother...hehehe. Jimat!!!

Veil (Purdah):
I used my old inner scarf (anak tudung-yan g dipakai bersama tudung yang jarang, RM5 je kat butik muslimah)...hehe. I wore it upside-down (Pakai terbalik) it looked like a veil.
Cleopatra Bracelets:
I used my old golden bracelets.....purchased by my mother 10 years ago masa dia pegi haji...hehe. Jimat kan?? X payah susah2 beli baru....ala, plastic bracelets are everywhere nowadays. Cantik2 n comel2.... Normally, it's only RM10 each...

Especially to those who are still studying in universities.....I know, everybody wants to look glamorously enchanting in the ballroom. But, you don't have to spend too much for your extravaganza dress....that's no point of wasting your money for only one night (unless you have extremely extra money)...for only a few hours. Frankly, we can make it as memorable as we want in many excellent ways.....such as manipulating clothes and dresses that we already have. Enjoy!!


  1. waiseh..cantek lah ninie..sangat kreatif..beruntung nye dah ada banyak barang yang boleh pakai,xyah beli2 kan.. :D

  2. Nak jimat....kalo beli mahal sgt la semua tu. Veil guna anak tudung je....

  3. mmg kreatif... jimat kan? sbnrnya walaupun murah tppandai gayakan, akn nmpk glemer sgt.

  4. ninie nmpk gojes hehe...btw masih x berani nk cuba something new mcm ni..