Cinderella Snow White Belle doodles

Feel free to grab these doodles
from Niedoodle Disney Princess Collection.
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Many more to come, so stay tuned!

Cinderella, my favourite.

Belle, the most gracious.

Snow White, the fairest among all.

THE MAKING OF Diary.Nie's Disney Princess Collection DOODLES :

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Siti Yang Menaip said...

ehehe alahai comelnya.. mata bolat2..

Meutia said...

so pretty! i love belle's gown, cutee ><
i wonder if you can draw princess jasmine, she's my favorite:)) who's your fav disney princess?

Ninie said...

Thanks Siti and Meutia.

P/S: Meutia, your Jasmine is now ready at

Nurulatika Yunus said...

Waahhh comel >,<

Ninie said...

Thanks nurulatika