DIY Sampul Duit Raya

This is my DIY Money Envelopes project with my 5-year-old niece. I spent one whole day during last Ramadhan with my niece, designing the envelopes according to her preference. She drew the boy and girl cartoons herself. I must say these envelopes are lack of many elements of professionalism….lol. 

They are full of honesty and authenticity. Bravo! Thanks to her, I will be using these envelopes this upcoming Eid season, while stock lasts.

She drew the cartoons and I cut them.
Then she coloured both boy and girl cartoons using highlighter pens.

I scanned the cartoons into many copies
and cut one by one, before pasting each cartoon on every store-bought envelope.

We made Eid greeting cards too! Please see here.

Bye now! This has been so much fun. I hope to do this again next year with her. We’ll see how she improves in her drawing and colouring.


  1. Wahhh kreatifnyaa.. btw sy t'tanya2 kalau Kak Ninie ada bwat entry ttg scrapbook akak yg kat sidebar tue.. nampak comel ..

  2. memang xde...cuma selalu mention aje dlm beberapa entries yang lama. Nati next time akak buat entry just for a few selected pages yg x memalukan nak tunjuk...hehehe.