Wednesday 5/11/2008 11.00a.m

It was a warm windy morning. I was well-dressed, heading for dining hall. I wanted to buy a meal for lunch. There might be dark stormy clouds in my stomach. A lot of foods served in front of me were still hot and fresh. There were just a couple of bodies – including the cashiers and some hungry students. I purchased one fried chicken, some fried needles (noodles), a little fried mee and a bloody little fried rice – put together in a polystyrene container. Awesome! I went to PTAR for a while, printing something which I was not supposed to print (Don’t ask me what it is!). Then, I strolled as proud as a peacock along my way to go back to my beloved hostel – dreaming that I was well on my way to fulfil my belly. As I arrived, I changed my bloody former clothes. Next, as I wanted to unzip my trousers, but………… Oh, my God! I forgot to zip my trousers. I blushed and my world dropped dead. My joy turned to be as empty as space, recalling all people – along my journey – whom I have had said my friendly Hi to. My two hands became as cold as marble, viewing all faces that I had passed through. I looked into a mirror of death. Sure enough, my faced was like a horrible Dracula who had just eaten a basket of black onions. Needless to say, I had been walking all over places with the unzip trousers? Da da da da…..life is all about ups and downs. Let my destiny be that way. Never shall I repeat the mistake I made. What a shame – again. Hahaha!

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