24/11/2008 Monday Evening

Is it true? Yes, it is when you have nothing to do. Nowhere to go, here I hang. My life was not as dull as this before. I mean, campus life is better. I used to follow the schedule of my campus life. That is why I find nothing to do at home. What I can do is sleeping all day long. My father is too busy, as usual. My mother has nothing to ask me to do. That is why I just sleep, eat food and watch TV. I am not a nature lover, but I am a house lover. Staying at home is more enjoyable than going out for nothing. Well, that one is not true. People do not go out for nothing. There must be something to do at least walking for fun. But I choose to be a Sleeping Beauty at home. It sounds the greatest among all activities in the universe. I don’t think sleeping is a bad habit. This is holiday! Sleeping is the best treatment to regenerate my lost energy. I need to prepare my new strength in order to start the second semester on 28th of December 2008. What a dull life!

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