HUD has TAGGED me!!! I hope you read this.....

Directions: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.

1. I like PINK very much. My room is world is pink!

2. I miss my Asasi TESL friends very mmmuah! (T.J, Cak, Bonda, Moon, Syami, Hud, Ikram, Alif, Sakey, Munirah, Atillea, Aimi, Yana, Feqah, Fizah, Iqbal). Toon, Alia, Fatin and Hussein are with me at UiTM Shah Alam. I meet them everyday!

3. I like to write things I love (free articles-mengarut).

4. I hope I can beat Hud's pointer this semester....he got 3.9+...but I got only 3.58. Not fair!

5. I have my own diary, writing things to do in life.

6. Almost all my things in my life are pink....or red.

7. I am thinking of having a broadband. Can anybody give it to me as a gift?

8. I wish I could update my blog daily....

9. My perception about men is: Men don't like me because I talk too much.....

10. I love room has a lot of artificial flowers.

11. I love Cadbury Blackforest...soooo much! Choose Cadbury, choose happiness.

12. I always say 'thanks' to a person who gave me a very cute necklace, in a shiny pink box last year....though he will never hear it.

13. It's hard for me to gain weight, I am 46kg now. My parents ask me to eat more.

14. I love my course now (English For Professional Communication)! I also enjoy Mandarin subject....

15. If only I could make everyone cry.....

16. I want people to accept sincerely me as who I am......

You are being tagged by me, guys:
Fatin, Alia, Cak, TJ, Bonda, Moon, Kak Alia, Syahmi bla bla bla.....and the 16th person is you (I mean the people who are viewing my page and not on the list above)!

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  1. nini!!!
    rendu kamu jugaaaa
    btw this tag suda dibuat lor