My friend, Kak Wahida and I went to Plaza Alam Sentral a few days ago.....going to a Computer Shop at the third level to fix my laptop. I asked the owner to fix it and install an anti-virus. I willingly paid RM99.00 for the anti-virus (Kapersky-1 user). With a happy face glittering to the world, I paid another RM30.00 to format my laptop. Well, I didn't mind paying such amount of money as long as my dear laptop can live happily ever after, without a single bloody-virus! To test my patience, I needed to wait for 2hours ahead, so that the technician could fix it. After 2 hours, I took my laptop back and went home cheerfully! To my horror, the anti-virus fixed couldn't be updated because I couldn't connect broadband to it. The laptop obviously refused the link. Oh,dear! Have I wasted my money for something that I expected to be better???


10/1/09 Saturday

Last Saturday, I went again to the terrible shop! Toon accompanied me. I asked the shop's owner to fix it, AGAIN! I wanted him to update the Kapersky here, and I knew that the Wi-Fi is provided in such technological place! Then, the guy asked me to 'jalan-jalan'. "Give me 2hours!" said the guy. Nothing else to do, we walked along the shops and stalls. We spent time at MPH bookstore at SACC Mall, reading all books without buying one! Nope, Toon bought a novel actually! Well, 2hours passed by.....but I spent 2hours more....wandering all over the floor and going to perform Zohor prayer. Finally, we went back to the place I left my beloved laptop. Poor me! The guy asked me to go home, he could do nothing. The wireless connection was as slow as a dying turtle in a very deep ocean of ape blood. Thanks! That was the only word I could say! It was not easy to go there, you know! Plaza Alam Sentral is not just a stone throw away....but it is like a huge black African mammoth blown away!!! Well, I went back to Puncak with hopeless and empty smile.......... There was a conflict on my mind. "How can I do my assignment?" It was a rhetorical question which remained so until I met Kak Sya and Ery in front of my apartment. They gave me a free speech about maintaining a laptop, as I knew nothing about it! Kak Sya did something to its setting. Wonderful! Any broadband could be, the antivirus was smoothly updated. A touch of a true friend's hand! Wow......

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