11.40 a.m. Friday

I am so hungry at this moment, lunch time. I am in the doldrums. I have bought rice with a fried chicken, but I can only think about it. I have put it in a locker. I purchased it at the merely food stall opened. But I don't feel like eating yet since I am in a library. I can't eat here. Of course I'm able to....(since I have my own esophagus but anybody is not allowed to do so unless I want to be isolated. Then a new sign will emerge at the front door of this library...."Ninie is not allowed". If only this happened, I would not be able to write anymore.

Lately, I eat less....I mean, during lunch hour. I don't want to obfuscate you. Let me notify the truth. Food is endemic here. If there are some, the foods are banal and trivial. As far as justice of Puncak concern, people here are so greedy. Their eyes are bigger than their stomachs. They grab everything and leave nothing for me. Maybe I am not on the spur of any moment....... I have been down in the dumps. Every second I am searching for food, it is already sold out! As a result, I have to wait until the sun disappears so that another stall will start selling food for dinner. Frankly, I always in a fix of getting lunch! Even though I am always starving, I am still hale and hearty.

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