Companion Friends are hard to find....

7.48 a.m. Tuesday 13th 0f January 2009

I’m having my breakfast right now… It’s only a set of Horlicks and biscuits. Enough is enough. I don’t know what brought me to write this in the early morning. I’m ready to go to class actually….English Pronunciation in Use. Well, I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT FRIENDS…. Being alone is the worse disease I long to avoid. A true friend is always by our side, but why I don’t feel anyone here whenever I need a companion? To be honest, all my friends are very close to me since I can adapt in many situations. Yes, whenever I go into a bird nest, I will be chirping. Whenever I go into an aquarium, I will be swimming. Whenever I go into a tiger’s cage, I’ll be dead then!!! It’s hard to say that finding companions is terribly tough. BUT...I don't have a bestfriend whom I can share my problems with, or whom I can put my chin on her shoulder or whom I can sleep in her arms. Well, my mother is.....but none of my friends are. They are all equally special....this could be the reason why I've no champion on the list of friends. They are equally MY BESTFRIENDS!!!

In my opinion, An unbreakable relationship should be in two ways. It’s not like walking along a one-way-street. Friendship is two-way-commitment. Even though I am no good, I hope my ship will come to fetch me up, going to a miracle world in which a million of true companions and friends are alive. Frankly speaking, finding a friend is easy, but finding a buddy is inflexible…..

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