Dear Alep,

This letter is dedicated to you, the hugest guy amongst my beloved best friends. I hope that you are reading this simple letter. I have read the earliest article on your blog, reminding all the moments we had gone through our journey to nowhere during Asasi TESL.

I am the luckiest person in the universe who has got to know you in an extremely lucid way. I know I was a girl with insouciance to you, who always made you laugh for something I did not mean to make fun at all. Honestly, I was and am a serious person with an ambiguous gravitas. But, people around me make me feel like joking all the time. For the time being, joking is a modus operandi which I can simply do in order to make my world alive! Alep, you will always be my friend. Although there are a lot of friends are mushrooming on my field, I can always see you from a distance. Yes, nobody can deny that. I feel so amazed that you could still remember the moment we talked on the bus, on the way home from BTN Penang. Nice to have a chat with you too! I can still visualize your words,

“Ninie, ko ngantuk ke? Sorry ar, aku cakap banyak.”

I was sleepy, of course. Hahaha! But I didn’t have a tiny heart to tell you. So I forced my two ears to listen what you were telling me…. Just joking! You told me that you were afraid of people. You could speak in public. But, after you met us in Asasi TESL, you became alive! Keep on moving, Alep!

Thank you for the appreciation. I wonder how you can live without my jampi serapah. As far as my jampi sampah is concern, you have become a good and healthy person! Hahaha! Just joking…..

Thanks for being my friend. And thanks for teaching me a little about computer (although I didn’t understand even a word!).

Hey, lion! Do you still remember our dramas during Asasi TESL? You were a lion, weren’t you? I can still mimic your voice, saying ‘C is COURAGE’. That is what only we need! Keep on moving……I can still remember one particular day when we were all twenty TESLians were eating something from pasar malam near Tun Fatimah Lake? You said,

“Ninie, I have never seen you sad. You are happy most of the time”.

Alep, like I said earlier…. I am a good pretender…(I haven’t been using this word since a very long time after Asasi TESL). Life is all about ups and downs. All we need is COURAGE…… Learn it by heart!


Amaal Fadhlini

I have a lot more to say but I can’t. The other TESLian friends would be angry with me for writing too much to Alep!

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  1. WoW!
    This is quite a big surprise!
    i never thought that you will feel touched by what i wrote.
    I'm a good writer ey?

    And a speacial blogpost just 4 me!
    That's something!

    Anyway, wait 4 my blogpost.And it's 'bout u this time

    But, i need to recall the memories 1st