I'M SORRY........

3.15p.m 4/1/2009

It happened a few minutes ago. I did a very wrong unbreakable fault. I surely didn't mean to have this experience. But, who am I to stop my destiny. I came here -campus library- to use internet service. Whoever wants to use it has only to bring his/her own laptop and an internet cable. WELL, here I was. I wanted to plug in my internet cable into the internet connector box. I am surfing internet at the campus library right now, and always. So, as usual, I plugged in the cable which connected the internet service to my bloody-good laptop. To begin a story, I used a little of my dragon energy to plug the cable in. At the moment, I unintentionally pushed the internet connector box to the back. As a result, a few of other connection cables (which are linked to other students' laptops) immediately unplugged. Oh, terrible! A few girls were fiercely staring at my tiny and sweaty face. I'M SORRY!....my heart said. They said something but I didn't understand the words. I know, they were mad at me. I could see a girl plugged in all the cables which were unintentionally pulled. And so, I walked away before the situation getting worse. Who knows? How if they are getting angry and tie me up to the fan! I wish I had apologized since I was too afraid to say anything. Therefore,walking away was the most suitable thing to escape.......I felt guilty though. If only I have said 'SORRY'......


  1. thats ok, du'a a lot for this, and all shall be at peace ^_^

  2. haha.
    funny you.
    ninie masih sengal.