This is the continuation of the previous story. I forgot to tell you. Do you know that I couldn't surf the internet a moment after I published 'I'M SORRY'? Huh! While I was happily writing and using the internet, the cable was unplugged! Excuse me! Who suddenly unplugged my internet cable? Could it be unplugged by its own? My internet cable is the first-class you know! Made in Giant Seksyen 13 Shah Alam! I knew who did this! Those girls unplugged it, unintentionally or delibarately? Nevermind....at least, we are equal now! I don't have to feel guilty for what I have done..... But they are so 'sengal'. I unplugged their cable unintentionally! But they paid back with a full cup of revenge. Let them be that way. I was not mad at all........ Macam la aku x boleh cucuk balik cable aku..haha!

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