BUS!!! Wait for me!!

22/1/2009 Thursday

I woke up at 6 o'clock as usual. I had to go to main campus of UiTM. We got Instructional Design class there at Language Lab 4, Level 9, Menara Sultan Abdul Aziz. I could vividly visualize how fast I walked to get the first bus. The bus arrived at 7 a.m. My classmates and I were still walking. We could see the bus from a distance. Without any hesitation, we changed ourselves into cheetahs. As I reached the gate to go to main road, an old safety guard said,

"Be patient. Don't worry. The bus will wait for you."

What an embarassing moment we had gone through. We shouldn't have run like little chimpanzees on a thorny tray like that. Many eyes were looking at us. I am sure, our dowry is terribly cheap right now! As we got into the bus...the driver waited for the other 5 minutes. What the guard said was obviously correct. We don't need to run....... If only someone recorded our faces while we were running and waving the bus, we would bury our heads at Port Dickson beach then!

The moral of this story is we have to see ourselves as who we specifically are. If you are an adult, do behave like an adult. Do not behave like a kitten. If you are a little kid who was born twenty minutes ago, do behave like a baby. Do things you worth. Don't humiliate yourself like what I have done. Running for nothing -as an adult- is not suitable anymore, especially for us.


  1. adakah benar anda berlari seperti ungka? hoho agak tidak dapat dibayangkan :B

  2. The answer is YES. Muka je jd like ungka! Takut kena tiggal bas...