Wedding of White and Peach

I was one of the committee members for the wedding (26/02/2011) at Dewan SIRIM Section 2, Shah Alam. I was doing my internship / practical training at that time. The bridegroom is a son to a very kind, soft-spoken yet humble man I've ever know, Allahyarham Dato' Yahya, the President of SIRIM BERHAD at that moment.

It was a pleasant view of white and  peach. The decorations were magnificent too!
The use of fresh flowers was quite impressive as it made the ceremony alive!

Again, this post is dedicated to Kak Syazana, Kak Honey and those who are getting married. I wish this information could admire you in certain ways for your upcoming wedding.... Miss you both!

Goodies for guests...Female: Brooch;  Male: Keychain

These are VIP goodies (Ferrero Rocher 3 pieces and a brooch/keychain)

 My the middle of the hall, before the ceremony started.

 This is the view of the hall

This is the dining table for the brides...on the stage. The cakes were simply amazing! They were not using 2-layer cake but using two cakes on two-layer tray instead...quite fascinating!

That's all for now! Bye....


  1. wahh bestnya tengok orang kawen . nice jea tema dorang tu :)

  2. aah cantik warna peach nie :)

  3. cantik jugak combination of white n peach :D

  4. wahh best la sape jadi tetamu vip.. dapat cokelat.. uwaa... nie, kalau kta nak jadi tetamu yang tak diundang leh ttak?