Ninie's back with flowers!! + tutorial

Thanks for those who are aware that I didn't visit the blogland for quite some time. Yes, I've told you that I had engaged some work somewhere over the rainbow...hehe. Missing you so much, here I am. I am sorry that I can't quickly make your doodles...however, I am trying to do it little by little. Be patient, okay?? hihiks...

A few crafters have asked me many many times about my latest crafts.... Of course, I continuously create something new to ease my hectic and tiring life. For now, let's just enjoy the making of roses bouquet I made 2 weeks ago for my friend.

The making of felt roses bouquet:

1) You need a hair-net, then fill it with pillow fiber.

2) Stab 4 disposal forks into the fiber. Bind the forks together using a rubber band.

3) Do some stitching, so that the fiber will not come out from the net.

4) Cut straight-cut-pieces of red felt cloth.
5)Roll them, and glue the very end using UHU glue.

6) Make a lot of these ya!!!

7)Using a glue gun, paste all the roses on the hairnet.

8)You can have more than one colour of roses.

9) Glue a few felt leaves to cover the rest of the empty space

10) Decorate the bouquet with white laces.

11) Beautify the laces by adding some ribbons...just tie them on.

10) Done!!!! You can give it to anyone you want!

Happy Crafting!!!!