25/1/2009 Sunday

What is wrong with my nails? Are they celebrating Chinese New Year with Hongse (red)? I simply did nothing to them. It happened all of sudden like an esoteric lunar which most of Malaysians unconsciously experience once a year. I won’t consider this pulchritude of mine! I was about to chide myself first for nothing so my nails would remain as clean as spotless. The story began when I asked my mother about a small tube. It seemed like tiny toothpaste with a picture of a finger tip. She said that it was instant henna. She showed her pale reddish yellow finger nails to me. They were not looking bad! Assuming that my nails would be as yellow as my mother’s, I solely apply it on all my ten finger nails. After letting it dry for approximately one hour, I washed my hands using a rose scented soap. Hopefully, my nails would be yellowish orange. What? They turned red! I didn’t expect they would be as red as blood like people who are getting married in two days ahead. In fact, they are not as nice as others might have. I am not an expert in using nail henna. That is why my finger nails look disorganized and terribly eerie. What an uncomfortable situation has occurred. Never mind! People say, red means strength. I hope my spirit will be as well-built as the colour of my nails. Frankly, I should not kvetch about this. The colour will fade after a few mourning days. The colour of henna is not everlasting!

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