29th January 2009 Thursday Early Morning

I was gently sleeping on my luxurious bed after performing Subuh prayer. Well, it was an uber-normal thing to practice at house. I used my red blanket which has abundant pink stripes all over it. Regardless how the smell is like, it is completely quite beautiful indeed.

Suddenly, someone pulled my comfortable bedspread. I was just having a nap for only 5 minutes! What a great disturbance! What an unacceptable aversion!


I could hear his laugh. He was snickering at me, his third child.

I asked him, “What’s the matter? I want to sleep lah”.

Do you know why he disturbed my delightful comfort of sleeping?

He said, “Jom pegi jogging kat pantai. Ummi dah siap”.

He just wanted me to join them (my father and mother) jogging! What? I don’t see any point of exercising in the early morning along the seashore! He hadn’t even taken a bath yet! I am afraid all the fish in the sea will be extinct.

My parents always go to Irama Beach, 9 kilometers away from our house. They drive to go there, to have a brisk walk along the beach while enjoying the view.

The first light sky is always aglow with the baby sun.

Of course, the fresh morning air we inhale is the best remedy for a great respiration. But I rather prefer to have my own morning air on my bed, hahaha!

Back to the story. I answered my father:

Ala… I am healthy and young enough to jog. Let the older people go! Go la…let me jog on my bed”.

I have made a brilliant excuse actually, without opening my two divine eyes. At the same time, I pulled my blanket back to cover my shivering body.

He giggled and left me with my subsequent dream.

My youngest sister -13 years old – who was sleeping beside me immediately woke up.

“I want to go!” she said.

She then followed my father without taking bath. I know my sister did not go there for jogging. She wanted to eat satay. Pantai Irama is famous with delicious satays.

Well, I did not mind at all. In fact, they brought me back a meal of satay for my afternoon breakfast…..What a jaunty pleasure at home!

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