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27th of January 2009 Tuesday Afternoon

This is the beginning of my rigid world. The neurons start to scramble in my head. I start to do my assignments today. I have begun to glance at my TO-DO-LIST with my two naughty eyes. I have 8 tasks of homework all together on my list. This is just a baby step. I know my future is tougher. These tasks are only a combination of illusive decorations of my vivid plan in order to achieve success. Wish me luck!

1) Reading and CT – do exercise in text book

2) Pronunciation – read chapter 4,6 and 7

3) Language Arts II – Do a mind-map (Global Warming article) and vocabs

4) Language and Society – Assignment1 (give 5 examples of speech events)

5) Language and Communication – page25 KEY TERMS

6) INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN IN ENGLISH – read PBL journal & Bloom Taxanomy

7) INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN IN ENGLISH – “how to solve trash hard-disk problems?”

8) Mandarin – Tugasan 2 (Mandarin Exercise Book)

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