28th of January 2009 Morning

It was an excellent bright morning day. The clear blue sky showed a pretty sign of my magnificent joy. I went to KB Mall, shopping with my mother. I needed some stuff to bring back to Puncak Perdana. Thanks mother, for standing beside me to pay the bill! She was a person I admire most. She never says ‘NO’ for anything I want. Thank you….. There is always kwela song in my heart.

I don’t know what I have simply bought. The bill was RM250.70. As a result, a problem occurs since I don’t know how to take them to Shah Alam. Avadity has offered me headache. I have basically two holy hands, not more than this. I am going back to Shah Alam by bus. How can I carr

y my luggage – as soon as I arrive at Shah Alam Terminal – while finding a cab to go back to Puncak Perdana Hostel? Poor me! There are FOUR bags full all together. Two bags contain foods and the other two contain books and a laptop each. It might be a double-laborious work to climb the stairs up to my sky-view apartment (at level 5) while carrying the stuff. This may happen! It is not a merely lunatic imagination. It will be an extreme odyssey of the year, I believe! If only I had wings to fly……metaphorically!

These are some of the items I purchased.

A new cheap bed sheet only…..It is dark-red in colour and suitable to my former

pink comforter.

Johnson’s Baby set…..for traveling. It’s only RM7.90.

Daisy… A few packets of Chocolate Mini Munchy’s…and a

few of Campbell soup packets.

Cuttlefish in soy sauce, Chicken curry, Lexus

Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits and kaya spread!

Floral Lulur Mandi (body scrub)….and a refill pack of my shower foam (a kind of body scrub too). I have been using this brand since quite a ti

me. It smells fresh and sweet.

Ambi pur to put on my study desk and……two other products.

Dutch Lady!!! I love Dutch Lady Milk so much….and soy drinks.

Floral table cloth….it’s pink!

An easy going Sejadah/praying mat which is as light as feather.

Ovaltine……. I bought Ovaltine because I like its new advertisement in TV. In fact, I got a shaker for free!

These are products of Safi Manjacare. A shampoo and shower foam. I love this brand. I already have its body lotion and body talcum. Have a try! You will be as pure as a baby. The price is even cheaper than Johnson’s.

“Malaysians, be a little bit genial. We have shopped a lot of unimportant things nowadays. If only we gave the money to Gaza people, it would be definitely extravagance pleasure for them. We might have saved an innocent life with a pure soul. Enough is enough. Never shall we repeat the same habit again. Not a penny less, not a penny more. People in Gaza need our help! If only we thought about humanity, they would survive”….

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  1. Ninie
    ko nih nak beli barang ka
    atau nak promote barangan Malaysia?