24/1/09 Saturday Evening

It was such an amazing journey of going home. Uncertainties arose in future predictions my ambiguous plan. I haven’t dreamt to have such an experience. What a rushing and totally smashing! The story began as soon after I performed Asar prayer at Puncak. Aida and I have decided to start our journey at 5 o’clock. Aida presumed it would be plenty of time left as we left Puncak Hostel very early. I did not think that it was a good statement to declare! Yes, I was exactly right. Waiting bus took us 30 minutes. Here one of UiTM buses came! It was not really UiTM Bus, but it was a terrible ordinary bus that I’ve never seen it in such a contemporary world! Without hesitation (non-stop babbling), we hastily got into the bus! To my astonishment, the floor was as wet as shell lied by the seashore. Dear me! What did the driver assume about this? Was this an aquarium or Wet World? We had to hold our clothes a little up so that it would get wet.

Alright! My heart seemed tremendously fine. We sat in prim and proper. Do you know for how long we had been waiting? I had eaten two buns of High5 Sardine Buns while waiting. It was approximately 30 minutes of being a doll in the wet bus. At 6 o’clock closely, the bus moved intolerably slow. I don’t know whether the driver has got his driving license or not. He is, perhaps, still under Malaysian Probationary Driving License like me. Then the rain started to fall, like cat and dog. For the God sake, we arrived at PKNS (Section 2) at 7 o’clock! You might have imagined how appalling the bus was.

After that, Aida and I strolled fast to a prayer room upstairs. We performed Magrib and Isyak together as a combination of two prayers (Solat Jamak), during Magrib time. “Here we go!” We waited for any bus and cab in front of PKNS. We have been told that it is extremely easy to get any public transportation service there. Really? There was none until 8 o’clock! We got a cab. It was a Formula1 driven by Michael Schumacher! Honestly, we could not breathe at all! The speed grabbed all the oxygen we supposed to inhale. The journey to Section 17 was quite terrifying us as we could witness an accident directly. Sorry! We couldn’t stop to help you. We were in hurry. Our bus departed at 9 o’clock.

We reached Shah Alam Bus Station at 8.30 p.m. What a relief! We left Shah Alam precisely at 9.00 p.m. The journey seemed extra-enjoyable until an accident occurred, somewhere. Luckily, we were not the victims! I truly did not know what the name of the place was. In fact, I was in soporific mood to open my two bubble eyes. At the bottom of my heart, I prayed for our blessed safety. Then, my eye lids started to switch the joyful light of my bunny world….. Good night.

Good Morning Kelantan! We arrived at Kelantan Terminal at 5.38 a.m. My parents were already there, waiting for her beloved third child. What a relief!

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