Amsterdam within 1 hour

I traveled with a great friend of mine.
It was actually a day trip to Keukenhof.
But we thought we should go to Amsterdam City first
and take some pictures, at least.
Then we could enjoy the whole day at Keukenhof.

Early in the morning (6.50 a.m.),
we took a one-hour-flight (Flybe airlines)
from one of the UK Airports
to Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam.
We arrived at 8.00 a.m. but it took about
half an hour to get out from the terminal
after going through the immigration.
That's normal for morning flights!

As soon as we walked out from the terminal,
we took a public bus to go to Amsterdam City (No.197).
We managed to catch the 8.30 a.m. bus.
**The bus-stop is exactly in front of the terminal exit.
The fare is only EUR10.00 return per person.

We decided to spend ONLY about 1 hour at Amsterdam and
return to the airport to catch the Keukenhof Express
(shuttle bus to Keukenhof which takes you directly from the airport).

Our journey to the City took about 30 minutes, I think.
Luckily, the traffic was very smooth, I suppose.
We got out from the bus (about 9.30 a.m.) at the final stop
which is Rijk Museum.

This stop is exactly in front of 
the famous _I amsterdam_ giant sign.

We went to Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam,
which is located a few steps away from here.
My friend spent only, literally, 5 minutes at the Cafe
to buy a t-shirt  for her husband.

Then we hurriedly walked back to Rijk Museum.
On the way, we stopped at three souvenir shops
and grabbed some postcards and fridge magnets.

The postcards are 5 for EUR1.00
and fridge magnets are 2 for EUR5.00.
Well, actually we could get 3 for EUR5.00
at other shops but we really did not
have time to walk further to find these shops.

 We took great pictures at Rijk Museum.
There is a beautiful garden at the Museum
with tulips and unknown pretty  flowers.
I was so excited to see a big chess board!!!

 Then, we ran to _I amsterdam_  which is
located next to the Museum.
There were thousands of people!!!
We couldn't get any decent pictures with the wordings!
Never mind....

After 15 minutes fighting for good photo-shots,
we left the place
and ran to the bus stop to get back to the airport.
The frequency of the bus is only 15 minutes, as people say.
Yes, we had to wait for only 5 minutes and suddenly it arrived on time,
and took us back to the airport!!! Yeay!!!

***Actually, there is also _I amsterdam_ sign at the airport too.
We took thousands of pictures in front of this sign
before flying back home that night.***

 We successfully managed to spend about 1 hour at Amsterdam!!!
Right on our schedule, lovely!!!

As soon as we arrived at the airport (about 11.00 a.m.),
we followed the signs which led us straight to
Keukenhof Express bus stop.


Our bus left the airport to Keukenhof exactly at 11.15 a.m.
and I said...." I come!!!"

We arrived at Keukenhof at 11.45 a.m.
and aimed to explore the Garden until 5.00 p.m.
or 5.30 p.m. the latest.
We allocated about 5 hours of our time here!
...because we had to catch our flight back home at 8.30 p.m.

You can read my post about my trip to Keukenhof
and view some great photos of the majestic tulips here.

Bye now!

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  1. OH!! Just noticed you currently study aboard in the UK? Gonna read all of your article about Europe!! <3

    Keunkenhof is so pretty!! You take a good photo of tulips (the red one, oh my God)