Water plants in used jars

I have quite a few types of water plants in my aquarium,
which I purchased from a local pet store long time ago.
So I cut about 2-3 stalks from each water plant to make these.

-Fill 1/3 of your jar with aquarium gravels.
-You can use anything you have eg: glass/tumbler, backyard stones/small rocks.
-Put your plant in...bury its bottom part with the gravels (as if you're covering its root...although it doesn't have roots) so it won't move or float later on.
-Next, fill in the jar with tap water.
-Finally, place it anywhere you like, to give a touch of nature and water.
-Don't forget to change the water regularly....once a week, perhaps.

****P/S: In some countries where dengue mosquitoes are well-known to you (including Malaysia), please make sure to cover the mouth of each jar. I suggest, you can use a piece of net cloth/PU, rubber band and ribbon (optional). Click here for the tutorial.

Bye now!!!

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