Marimo World #6: Floating marimo

Naturally, there are three types of marimos:

Type 1: they sink and stay still at the bottom
Type 2: they always float following the water current
Type 3: they are attached to something like rocks or drift woods.

But generally, the ones we have at home are the first type
which always sink and stay still at the bottom.
Unless, you bought the second or third type of marimos
which are also available in store and online.

**I do have Type 3 marimos which I made them myself
using Type 1 marimos, attaching to a driftwood.
I will show you the tutorial next time here.

For now,  I am only focusing on the Type 1 marimos.

Why does a marimo float?

It is normal for a marimo to float, sometimes.
In my case, it happens especially after I squeeze it to do
its regular cleaning and bathing, once a week.
The air makes it to float,
as the water has been squeezed out of the marimo.
It takes about 2 - 3 days to sink back at the bottom.
But normally, on second day, it will be dancing and rolling
in the water depending on the water current.
It will sink back and stay still at the bottom of the tank
on the third day.
However, this only happens to my large and extra large marimos.
My small marimos always sink at the bottom
even after their cleaning and bathing time.

People say, the marimos also float because
of their photosynthesis routine.
They want to get more light, so they do float closer to
the water surface out of the blue.
But my marimos have never done so.
So far, they only float after they have been squeezed.
That's all.

Bye now!

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