Marimo World #5: Marimos in my aquarium

Different people have different ways of presenting their marimos.
Some people like to put marimos
in a crystal bowl, glass tumbler or even clear water bottle.
 As for me, I simply put my marimos in an aquarium.

I don't have fish in my aquarium....only plants which I regularly change
and re-decorate over times.
I don't usually switch on the filter pump
because it is not necessary to do so....
I would have to if I had fish in it.

Plus, marimos work as an aquarium filter too.
Each marimo is like a sponge ball.
That's why you have to clean every marimo you have
once every two weeks
to remove dirt it might have absorbed.
It also reduces the growth of algae
because marimo absorbs the same nutrients as algae does.
So people believe that marimo can fight algae growth.

Bye now!!

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