Marimo World #1: Marimo

19 /9/ 2012
I am falling in love!
Someone introduced me to Marimo this morning....
I wish I could have a Marimo by my side too....

Marimo is a green-ball like aquatic plant, from Japan. It grows very slowly, approximately 0.5-1cm per year. Some say, it takes 2 years or more for a Marimo to become as big as 10 cent coin. Many believe that it brings luck, prosperity and love. However, I fancy Marimo because it shows patience and love of whoever owns it. Easy to take care of, Marimo becomes a 'plant-pet' or gift to someone special. It is sold based on its size. [RM15.00=size of 10 cent coin and RM60.00=bigger than size of 50 cent coin]

It is, indeed, one of the amazing GOD's creations which has benefits to the mankind. Marimo stabilizes the biology of an aquarium. The water will be always clean with Marimos in the aquarium, although there are fish inside. It reduces the growth of algae because marimo absorbs the same nutrients as algae does. So people believe that the marimo always wins.

I wish I could have it someday. More info, click here.


  1. is this a new breed? hehe.. the name is so cute! has updated my legoland story :)

  2. Nope....dah lama. Kt jepun, they are encouraged to have one marimo for each person.