In The End....

9/11/2009 Monday

That was not the end of the story. At UiTM Melaka during my TESL Foundation, I had a fish (ikan pelaga) called Pepsi. Everybody (friends) knows Pepsi. It was blue in colour, beautifully swam in a crystal pot. Pepsi was more mobile than Tonie and Torie. You know, sometimes it was taken by this fellow, but some other times it was kept by other friends. After that, other people came to borrow it for nights. Oh, dear! It was so strong traveling from room to room, block to block and even place to place. Many liked it.

One lovely morning, I wanted to change its water. I put it in a small glass first. After its house was cleaned, I wanted to put it back into its house. But then, I had to throw the dirty water in the glass so that it would not pour into its clean house. To eliminate the water, I slowly dropped it from my room window. I carefully did, so that only water dropped, not the fish. But, it was a predestination of it. It was unintentionally thrown down together with the water in the bloody glass. Aiyok! I did it… For your information, my room was located at the second floor…poor Pepsi! He became a stunt man that day!

Then, I rushed to the ground floor to find Pepsi. It was looping in pain on the cement floor. What have I done! This was an accident…hopefully not a sin. I was too afraid to take it, to touch it or whatever to put it back into a glass of water. Like I said, I don’t like to touch pets; I only like to watch them. What was I going to do?! I watched Pepsi in pain.

Later on, Umi, the wife of a resident staff came and asked me, “What’s that Ninie?”. I said, “It’s a fish. I accidentally dropped it down from the window while changing its water”. “Ninie! Take it! Adoi, budak ni!”. The only word I could say was, “Geli!”.

Then she took Pepsi and put it into the glass I hold. Well done! I took it back upstairs. That night, I saw Pepsi floating unconsciously on the water. I knew, I could not bring it to the clinic or where else. That was the end of Pepsi’s life. I don’t what to say that I myself ended its life. My friends scolded me and some made me a laughing stock. Sakey, my former classmate who always took Pepsi to her room had a great surprise. Huhu..I am sorry. It was a tragic accide nt, I supposed.

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