NINJA....the kungfu crab

9/11/2009 Monday

I love pets which do not require much pamper, instead of cats, which we have to touch them for care. I choose fish or reptiles, rather than such creatures…..I don’t like cats, I’m sorry if the cats lovers would feel uneasy. Cats are cute, but I don’t like the moments they show their sharp nails! Never mind….

I love reptiles and aquatic creatures, which has their own world like in the water (fish, prawns, lobsters) or they have their own house to carry (cengkerang) like tortoises, river turtles and crabs; they are more alive to my eyes. I don’t have to touch them, but watch them! I had, once, a crab…I named it Ninja. Why? The reason was because it liked to show a ninja’s steps whenever we went close to it.

My housemates also loved it. One day, I brought it home since I was afraid that I could look after it while I was having the final examination week at the campus. I gave to my youngest sister to look after it, at my hometown. It came to death a couple of weeks ago for no reasons. Well, actually there must be a reason which I haven’t time to discover yet. My father buried it somewhere….I don’t know, near my house. The thing I regret most is not Ninja’s price (RM20.00), but the responsibility that I couldn’t hold in raising it. I bought it for the sake that I didn’t like to see it fighting with its other friends, in Aquarium (name of aquatic pets shop) next to Wet World Shah Alam. Well, let bygones be bygones.

At least, I still have Rikka (female) and Kuga (male) with me, the two river turtles from Brazil. They were bought in Shah Alam, of course. I hope they will last long, for at least a few couple years like Tonie and Torie had. Well, who are Tonie and Torie?

A long time ago, I had Tonie and Torie but they met their death after years. I was and I am still mobile….I brought Tonie and Torie wherever I went, in a mobile aquarium. They might always feel pening-pening and finally died. Poor pets!

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