Turtle Eggs

Sunday 8/11/2009

Since I have been talking about fish, crabs, tortoises and turtles, I want to tell you about one of my favourite foods. “Favourite” is, in the sense, that I hardly eat it often. Here they are! Turtle eggs!

I vividly remember that one of my friends has asked whether I have consumed turtle eggs. I said, “Yes!”. There are sold in Pasar Siti Khadijah Kota Bharu, but at only several stalls. Since Kelantan is just next to Terengganu, the eggs are easily found here. Well, it is not as widely free as buying chicken eggs, of course. I am not sure whether it is legal to sell turtle eggs nowadays. Never mind! The price of each turtle egg is more expensive, ten times than a chicken egg. But in Sabah, you can easily buy it anywhere for a very cheap price. As cheap as a chicken egg, maybe! I’m not sure. You can ask my friend, Syahmi Mahallo Kapua Maila (http://pahoma.blogspot.com) for further information. His family moves a lot, and currently to Sabah.

To be honest, the taste is not as delicious as dinasour eggs. If you are hungry, you better consume a chicken egg rather than turtle egg! It would be frustrating if you consider a turtle egg as your lauk (main meal), of course. If you are using hands to eat it, do not forget to apply several brands of fragrances/perfumes after that. The egg’s smell can remain for hours on your palms. Yes, because it is consumed uncooked, so it gives an uneasy smell. One Drop perfumes are also acceptable!

A turtle egg is not salty at all, although it is covered by the sea sand. Well, some people might say it is a little salty. But I don’t. It is ‘salty’ in another sense. That’s why I put some soy sauce while eating it. Well, disregard what I’ve said because I put soy sauce in whatever I consume, actually. To my friends that hardly eat such incredible food…. Let’s observe how to eat an uncooked turtle egg (that’s the way it is)!


  1. i oso donno about the price of the turtle eggs haha x biasa makan lo

  2. You should try the eggs, syahmi! Bukan telur dinosour pun...hehe.

  3. how can u eat that disgusting stuff?!!the smell is so revolting i puked when my mom brought it home. klu masak pon isi dia still cair and gooey (shudders).
    btw, u always have a new pet kah? jaga elok2, jgn jd macam pepsi lagi.

  4. Saki, now my pets are all dead...ha3