Going to GIANT - the 100th time

30/8/2008 Saturday morning…

There were lots of work to do. Never mind! Toon suggested we go to Giant Hypermarket. AGAIN?!! Well, my dear friends, this is the only place that Puncak students are able to go, with their blood and tears. “Here we go!” We went there by a “Sardine” bus (RapidKL).
We bought things (which were needed only) for the becoming fasting month, two days left to go. Yes, wandering in the supermarket is our allergy. We became automatically different. We were not adults anymore, but two little screwball children. I wanted to buy some dates, but they were not sold one by one. Instead, the dates were sold in many sizes of boxes. Well, I don’t like dates that much to buy a box of them. We found one type of dates that were sold according to our need. I carefully chose 23 chubby and dried dates, one by one. Then, we went to a weighing counter. It was only RM0.83 for 23 dates. I was satisfied….since my budget for this day was RM50 only. Well, everything went smoothly! I went to shoes department and bought two types of shoes, size 6. Six is the size of my feet. They were not expensive, each pair of them was approximately RM10. Their pattern is not marvellous indeed!
Yes, one of the pairs is a blue cheese-like shoes. Millions of holes are all over the shoes. Nevermind, as long as they can keep my feet warm. Wait a minute! No! I will easily get wet indeed! Toon also bought one pair. The same type as mind, but in different colour. The blue is Toon's shoes and the black is mine. Never mind! Boria is better. United we strong, devided we weak!

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