The truth is revealed…...

10/09/08 Wednesday 00:01 a.m.

What a pleasure moment tonight. We were resting on our own bed to pamper our fragile body. We have just come back from our beloved library, PTAR. I was swimming in the sea of my lower bed, as Toon and I share a double-decker bed. She takes the upper deck. I budged up and grasped my towel, planning to go to the washroom. We have two bathrooms in our house, left and right side. I love to use the right. As I touched the door knob, Toon calmly called my name. I threw a Chryler look at her. Of course, she was blocking my plan to ease myself in hurry.
“What’s the matter?”
“Which washroom do you want to use?”
“As usual, the right one” I simply answered. Then, her profile showed her worry.
“Why?” I asked her.
“I am afraid I have unintentionally dropped my toothpaste into the washroom hole”.
“What? It may cause the clog again!”
Toon’s face turned like an alien. She might feel guilty on what she did. But at the bottom of my heart, I felt like laughing for the rest of my life. Oh, dear! How rich you are to throw your only toothpaste into that hole.
“Just now”.
“Why didn’t you take it back at once?”
“It fell deeply in the hole. I think I cannot reach it. It is still there, I supposed”.
Never mind!
“If the hole clogs up, I will tell the maintainer that you have brought about this problem”, I said that as a threat joke.
“And next time, don’t forget to throw your toothbrush as well. Let them be partners in the hole!” I continued.
I took my torchlight and when to the incident place ALONE. The place was as dark as a haunted forest. No light, no sound. Only a few types of crickets’ voices could be heard. (Actually the lamp in the washroom has damaged. So, no lamp could be switched on). As a volunteered investigator, I wanted to reveal the truth. I headed the light into the hungry hole. YES! There is toothpaste Safi Kayu Sugi. It was not that deep, so I could take it out easily. Being a toothpaste rescuer is quite a challenging job. Yes, it is if you don’t compare it with rescue 911.
Wait a second! I saw another thing in the same hole. It looked like a pen, I presumed. With a mountain of bravery and a hill of emotions, I put my hand into the hole again. Now, I could grab the thing! It was like a stick. Slowly, I took it out as my hand was pulled out.
“What’s this? A TOOTHBRUSH?”
Oh, God The Al-Mighty. Forgive whoever has committed in this funny sin.
“Whose toothbrush is this?” I screamed loudly. Other housemate came close. I did not call Toon because I knew, this toothpaste is hers. I assumed that the toothbrush must belong to someone else who has done the same thing as what Toon did.
But then, Toon came to me and looked at both toothpaste and toothbrush. She took them suddenly and laughed out loud.
“Both are mine. I dropped this toothbrush into the hole last week. And today, I did the same thing to my toothpaste”. She sat on the floor and giggled out in a very high pitch and even louder. No wonder she has changed a new toothbrush since a few days. Now I could see.
“Oh, that means, you have hid this secret on the sly for seven days long. I am grateful that you have dropped your thing again this time. If not, the poor toothbrush would stay longer there”.
Next time, throw everything into the hole including your pail, shower foam and facial cleanser so that I can be the hero again!

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