THE CAPTAIN in Spongebob series at Puncak??!!!.

09/09/08 Tuesday 5.30p.m

“HOOOO…who lives in the pineapple under the sea?” asked THE CAPTAIN of Spongebob series in a verse of song.

The story happened while I was at the payment counter at Puncak Dining. I had finished paying my chicken rice and a slice of papaya for breaking fast. This month is Ramadhan, a month for muslims to clean their sins, hearts and souls. I don’t want to talk about people, it is considered as ‘mengumpat'. It is a big sin. But this story has to be told. Well, as I finished paying my meal, I talked to my friend, Khairah who was still queuing up to reach the counter. I chatted happily with her, issuing about the sound of fire crackers. The sounds could be heard recurrently today. What a rude noise. How rudely they dared to play ‘meriam’ while we were all busy waiting for breaking fast?
I noticed that there was a quite good looking guy lining up next to me, in front of Khairah. Never mind! I chatted with Khairah. Then a loud bang of meriam could be heard AGAIN! DOOM!!!!
“Hoooooooooooooooo!” A voice of The Captain in Spongebob series was occurred. I didn’t know where the voice came out from.
“What sound is that?” I asked myself.
I looked at the guy who stood next to me, his face turned red. I wondered how a good looking man ‘melatah’ like that.
Khairah and I acted like we did not hear anything, especially his automatic reflection. Well, poor him. He might feel ashamed if we have laughed at him. No! I am a good pretender. As he walked away and vanished himself, I sniggered heartlessly to his unbelievable automatic reflection of THE CAPTAIN in Spongebob series, my favourite cartoon. Funny….

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