31/8/2008 SUNDAY

Toon and I desperately longed to buy another shoes the same pattern like what we had bought (very cheap) on the day before (30/8/2008). We were planning to buy a pair more, might be white in colour. To our horrible astonishment, there was no white shoe left! Whatever! This test from Allah S.W.T was really shaking our heart. At the same time, we sincerely accept the loss of our hope to buy the shoes. It was only $10.99 per pair actually. That was why we were amazingly eager to have one more pair. Not greedy, but taking advantage of buying cheap things. Never mind! Life must go on…….survive with a new hope! FINDING ANOTHER pair of SHOES…that was what we meant.
Well, we strolled to the next shelve. Wow! Variety of shoes to be worn….we tried to wear almost all patterns of shoes. Oh, God! Bless us. I am afraid someone has looked at our alienated behaviour (because we could be called like two creatures from the Nameck, a planet where San Goku and Datuk Kame belong to). Seriously, I still wonder how I could be like that, in the name of UiTM Puncak Perdana student. Next, back to the story! Toon took a pair of yellow shoes; ‘RM19.90’ sticker was stated there. I planned to buy other pair of shoes, RM27.90. However, I just had a $50 note in my purse. As a critical thinker, I took the same shoes like Toon had taken. We went through all chocolate booths. Then, we bought intelligently (within budget) a lot of chocolates to take home during Raya break. The most exultant part is I felt like I had gone out of budget. As a half good thinker, I heartlessly put the shoes back on their place; their shoe-friend might miss them very much. Now, I could buy two boxes of Cadbury (RM17.99) and Vochelle (RM13.50).
There was nothing more to be an excitement to our hungry eyes. We walked straight to the cashier; lining up beside a quite middle-aged man with his full tummy of trolley. Then he told me, “You should not be here”. “This cashier is for people who with a trolley. Go over there,” he continued, pointing his finger to a distance. I did not know where he pointed his eyes, but Toon and I moved accordingly to no where. Next, we saw the cashier that the man mentioned about. What a very long line. We waited for our turn, moving slowly to the cashier. At last, HERE WE WERE!!
Toon was in front of me. The cashier girl told Toon, “RM23.60, miss”. Like a lightening in the middle of stormy night, Toon asked with amazement;
“How much?”
“RM23.60” answered the girl.
“How much?” asked Toon again, with a lot of wrinkles and lines all over her forehead.
“What is wrong with you? Stop asking the same thing, she has told you the total!” I said then, warning Toon since there were a lot of people lining up behind us.
“How much, again?” I asked the cashier politely.
“RM23.60. It’s true”
“What?!!!” I screamed. Like a motorbus, bumping along the road, I stepped closer to Toon’s things. Then, I took out the Cadbury box.
“How much is this?”
“RM17 something,” the cashier answered.
“So, what’s wrong? Why are these all so cheap? ” I was eager to know why, like a hungry lion in front of a chubby calf.
“Here the receipt!”
“Oh, I see! The shoes are only RM5.00!” shouted Toon.
“Are you kidding? Don’t fan the flame!” I informally begged for a conformation. I was mad to hear that. I should not have put the shoes back. I thought that pair of shoes was RM19.90, but it was only RM5.00 for real.
The cashier giggled.
Toon paid and we left the counter as soon after I paid for my stuff, less than RM40.00. I managed to control my budget.
“Toon, why did that cashier girl laugh just now? Who did she laugh at?”
“You. I would also laugh more at your behaviour. You seemed like crying, regretting about those shoes that you have put back”
answered Toon, in a big heart smile.
No! ‘There is no life without those shoes’, I stood with that statement. While Toon was waiting for me at Dinkin’s Donut Restaurant, I went back into Giant Supermarket and bought the shoes for RM5.00 like what Toon did. What a relief! Allah S.W.T knows that I was really out of money on that day.... I was amazingly greatful. Cool….

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