16/09/08 TUESDAY 11.30a.m

Presentation Skills class: I was given a movable blue plastic case which has an orange tie at the top by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bernadette Foo. It was a gift as I have presented well (even though I have not) during the presentation last week on 9th September 2008. My speech was not that good to be deserved any gift, but tragically someone might have voted me for nothing. Thank you, my dear friend/s!
I wondered what the case is used to. Then I tried to open the plastic which covered the case. I took it out and attempted to open the case. It stuck. Well, I asked myself loudly, unintentionally indeed. Dr Bern came to me and opened it.
“Is this a cigarette case?”
“No!” She answered automatically. She held the case up and showed it to my classmates.
“What is it used for?” I asked her in amusement.
“This is used for keeping things from getting wet. If you are travelling somewhere or going for jungle trekking, you can place your money inside this case and close it firmly. So, your money won’t get wet.”
Poor me! What a stupid question I have asked. No wonder the audience laughed. Well, the more terrible was, Hasinah and Atira who got the same gifts never asked such question. They both were too clever to guess what the case is used for, so they did not need to ask anything. So embarrassing I was! Superman, take me to other planet! I don’t belong to this world for any longer!
How could humility shrink someone’s position? Yes, my experience is the answer. What a shame…

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