WAR.....why do they have it?

Sunday 21/09/08 11.00a.m.

I have been thinking what I should write today. Here the topic! WAR... It just came across my miserable mind. Oh, dear! Why do people fight? I don't find the answer.....maybe it is a rhetorical one. But, why can't people think wisely? Why can't they stay in peace? Why can't a man stop dreaming to be a hero in his own hideous dream? It is just a dream within a dream..... Alhamdulillah. Yes, I am a Malaysian who live happily here without a single drop of blood and tears. But, why can't all other countries keep in freedom? Can't they really stop having an animosity? Put a little delicacy. Do answer my arguable question! Tell me no words, show me no acts, give me no signs! Tell ME why! They are suffering.... They are starving..... They are dying! Stop fighting...and don't infuriate each other. This is really an indiscernible situation. Chinoy has said, put a little open-mindedness, put a little empathy, put a little kindness....You will be happy. Belief in God, that is the best pray. Let it be that way. Destiny cannot be changed, but an attitude can. Stop being a bellicose, try to excel a new pleasant life........think about it!

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