07/09/08 Sunday

As I got this story from Toon, I laughed as loud as I could. I think I have done ‘laughter yoga’ inadvertently. Hahaha…here I laughed with full of emotions. Stop wondering! Let me tell you the story. It began when my housemate, Naruto went out to Giant with two other girls. Well, our sweet and delicious spoken neighbour, Ant, had sent an item of SMS to Naruto as she noticed that Naruto was at Giant at the moment. She wanted a set meal of KFC for lunch. This was Girl’s message:
“Belikan aku 1 set ayam honey ye”.
As Naruto got the message, she went to the counter and asked the KFC cashier, ordering the meal.
“Abang, may I have a set of ayam honey, please.”
“I am sorry? What is ayam honey? We don’t have such name of meal here,” replied the guy with a mountain of amusement. Actually, there was a smile on his face.
Naruto, then, called Ant steathily.
“There’s no ayam honey here. How about ordering other meals?” Naruto spoke gently in hurry. She is a very ‘straight-forward’ girl. And totally kind too.
“Oh, yang! What I meant in the SMS was ‘a set of ayam’. ‘Honey’ was referring to you! It is my style of texting an SMS. I usually address anyone with ‘honey’,” shouted Ant, together with a big laughed. There was also a few of backup singers (people who were laughing) on the phone.
“Ha?! I have misunderstood! What a shame!” She seemed like crying.
This is a funny story happened to my housemate. She is a pure Sarawakian, so she is not so familiar with fast-food restaurant since there are not too many such things there. To be honest, via my point of view, she is a funny-looking girl and amazingly happy-go lucky person. She never makes a spectacle of herself, but normally she does accidentally. It is a consensus sagacity that Naruto is the most qualified joker of the year!

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