My Three Homes....

The above picture is my first home now (July-November 2008), my room and my paradise at Perdana Heights. It means a lot to me. I spend my hectic life here, completing my assignments.......on my pleasant bed, which I consider it a boon. I've never used my desk to study. Everything is done on bed, including eating breakfast, lunch and dinner.

My second home is Perpustakaan Tun Abdul Razak (PTAR) beloved library. This is my mischievous playground. I can use the Internet service for free here. Wouldn't it be lovely? I will never budge till they ask me to do so.

The place which I proudly call my third home is....Surau Al-Iqra', our God's house and a place to study. I come here whenever PTAR is closed. Where else can I find such a comfortable place? Air-conditioners and fans are provided, it is just as easy as switch them all on. Well, MARA University of Technology (what a well-known exemplary name!) will pay the electricity bills. In addition, it's a pleasure to study here. Don't you think that it is easier to absorb knowledge when we are close to God? Yes, come here!

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