31/8/2008 SUNDAY 11.00a.m.

It was a boring day. I didn’t know what to do. But I knew a lot of things should have to be done. My roommate, Toon and I finally came out with a hasty plan to go out again. There was no pleasant place in mind but Giant Hypermarket. We waited for the cow-bus at Puncak bus stop. Ten minutes later, there was no bus coming. Then, sky water slowly dropped gracefully onto the ground, making a beautiful sound of nature. But it was not what we supposed. We cancelled our plan and walked back to our house.
Oh, my dear ‘mussel pain’ bus! Here it came! But we were not able to catch it anymore from a distance. Poor girls! NEVER EVER GIVE UP! We desperately wanted to go out, enjoying the weekend. Then, the next bus came at 11 a.m. What a relief!
We enjoyed the view. Too many people were there. My fingers are not enough to count them all. So, let the place be that way. Toon and I was in our own world. We acted like two little girls who just have dropped here from other planet in another galaxy. Everything was wonderful and exciting! We don’t know why, till now we are still thinking. We bought a lot of chocolates to take home during Raya break. The most exultant part is, we have bought the same pattern of shoes. Both pairs are yellow in colour.
We went back to Puncak after we had noticed that our pocket was empty. Cool……..

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