A pure girl without a single sin......Really?

Beauty, splendour and charm. Those were starters of my day. It was a beautiful day, filled with beautiful cold morning air. It was splendid scenery, decorated my plain eyesight. It was also a charming emotion, combined with devotion. Here, the day I meant! I was having a flashback, viewing back my previous time. I wanted to tell you no words, but I had changed my mind then. So, let's go back to 1992. My glorious past time!


I was a two-year-old little girl during that time. No wonder, a tower of close-mindedness filled in my young mind. Well, i had a bestfriend, nicknamed 'Nyoh'. We always played 'mak-mak' together. He was a chubby untidy boy, as well as me (but I was not untidy!). One day, a tragedy happened. The genre was a thriller movie!
One beautiful afternoon, a loud cry could be heard from each corner of this galaxy. A scream of a little boy. Yes, it was Nyoh's voice. His forehead was bleeding terribly as he cried out loud like a horrible cow, mooing in the middle of a dessert. My parents and his parents ran to get him who stood still beside me, in front of my house. We were purely neighbours. His parents were amazingly worried about him and asked repeatedly why. Then, they asked me what happened. I did not reply, but calmly pointed my chubby finger to a drain hoe (cangkul). Everybody knew, it was a steel tool with a long handle, used to clean small drain.

"He was hit with the drain hoe" I pointed the tool which was on the ground, a distance from us, approximately 3 metres away from me.

"Who hit him?" My father asked curiously, throwing his look all over the place to find the 'devil' who had hit my bestfriend, Nyoh. I knew who hit him, but I silently smiled.

"Who hit him?" asked my mother while she was helping Nyoh's mother to console him.

"Who hit him, Ninie?" The same question occured. It was from late Nyoh's father.


"Me"............and gave an innocent smile.

p/s: I have forgotten why I maliciously hit him. Let it be that way. There must be a hidden reason. Well, so far, the scar is still there; on the left-side of his forehead. I am proud to do that since I will be remembered for the rest of his life! Although he calles me 'Enemy', not Ninie.

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