1/9/2008 MONDAY 10.10 a.m.

I bought plain rice and a small plastic of ‘tofu telur’ LAST NIGHT. I planned to make it as a sahur meal. I woke up exactly at 5 in the morning. Without listening to the call of an arrogant roster, I went to bathroom, washing my face. The sun has not shown its face yet. That is the most suitable time to have sahur meal actually. Oh, dear! The tofu telur made a weird smell as I served it in my red bowl. I knew, it was already out of period. I should not eat it, that was the only thing I noticed. Terrible, I ate rice with Tun’s snack. It was quite spicy but sweet. It was better to have lauk than none. THE PALESTINIANS DO NOT HAVE EVEN ANYTHING TO EAT…. Therefore, being grateful with what we have is the best solution. May God bless us.

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