Third Day of Eid

It was the third day of Eid (Hari Raya). It was terribly fun as I managed to spend time with my two cousins and siblings. Well, this is a picture of the biggest granddaughters in our family. Our beloved grandmother, MAMA was here too. It was a simple gathering at my house. Well, at least we had shared a wonderful moment together, sharing stories and experiences. From that moment, we realised that we have changed a lot. We are not children anymore, but adults. Our childhood has run very fast and we have left those golden experiences behind. Five of us; my brother, sister, two cousins and I are very close since we were still wearing Pampers. We have gone through a lot of funny things together. Now, everybody has separated and gone to different university.

In the picture above, I was the smallest little girl who is the second person from left.
This picture was taken when I was approximately one year old during Hari Raya.

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