More Cartoons with Balloons + a boy

***These are based on their blogs' themes, as usual..hehe

Special for Santri
**Sorry to keep you waiting...thanks for being so supportive!!
Special for Izzah Sayang
***I know you love K-Pop...Saranghae-yo!!!This was Izzah's request...malu-malu kucim gituw...
Don't worry, you wouldn't be neglected.

A Surprise for eQa gUmihO
***I know you love pink, so I give you this. Gumiho? Must be a K-Pop lover too, am I right?.....Saranghae-yo!!!
Note for eQa:
I just read your entry just now, saying I give you one before hand.


  1. akk nk request doodles.. mse mcm kat ats 2 ! :)

  2. boleh...jap lg akak wat ye cayam...

  3. ninie !!!! terimakaseh byk2 utk doodle itu !!! comel kiut miut ;)

  4. ninie...tq2 so much...tapi kan gmbr tu gmbr kwn kite laaa...hehe

  5. salam nieni...wah! comelnya doodle saya! saya suka (dalam nada mei mei). Nak kena wat entri khas untuk nieni ni... terima kasih banyak nieni!!

  6. erm satu lagi...cadangan je ni, kalau nieni disable jer word verifacation lagi senang kawan-kawan nak komen...