Timeless or Less time

Dear students,

Thank you for your supports. I haven’t been writing for such a long time. You all are my inspirations to continue jotting down on this tiny yet childish space. I kept giving excuses for not to write, yes, “I have no time”…that was what I always said (I literally mean it). I myself don’t understand why people keep saying “don’t have time” for various reasons and situations. Go and buy a watch/clock la!!!

Do you still remember I have talked about a word that may have a lot of meanings that it may carry? It depends on the situation. For example, “date”…a type of sweet fruit, a specification to refer to time, a relationship (dating) and so on so forth.

Don’t have time” means “no time” and it means “timeless”. Really???!! Timeless or Less time? You are the one to decide. Yes, it’s your life, not mine. ‘Suka ati aku ler’, you say….

The phrase “I don’t have time” has become a common excuse that will be automatically coming out from your mouth whenever it is needed. This theory (chewah!) is especially applied when you are not able to finish your homework/assignments.

Is it true that YOU DON’T HAVE TIME?

If you say YES, you should realize that you have gone against HIS will.

1) 1) HE The-Almighty has given us 24 hours daily….isn’t that called TIME? Why on earth did you say you don’t have time?

2) 2) Next, don’t you have a watch/clock? A clock represents TIME that you have….so use it, kids! In fact, if you say you don’t have time, that means you don’t appreciate your parents for buying you the watch….. Okay, some of you don’t have it… Noted! Nevermind. But, how about your mobile phone? Doesn’t it have a clock? If still you answer you don’t, please go back and check your asal-usul. You might have come from either Zaman Purba or other planets. I’m just using Nokia3310 that can be thrown to the chicks they might die (baling kat anak ayam pun mati), and even so it shows a digital clock, you know!

In conclusion, I realize several meanings of “I don’t have time” based on different situations according to experiences, of course, masa muda-muda dulu.

1) 1. You don’t have enough time (yet because you use most of time daily to Facebooking, Twittering, YouTubing, YahooMessengering, calling-calling pakweing, dating-dating….betul tak kanak-kanak Ribena sekalian?

2) 2. You are lazy (to do your homework)

3) 3. You don’t like the person who asks you (teacher la tu…)

4) 4. You feel annoyed (menyampah) with someone…you said’ “tak der masa aku!!”. And this what you always say to your Bear-B….am I right? J

5) 5. You beg for sympathy (10 cent face/muka seposen)….it depends on the tone of speaking.

6) 6. You are multitasking, have too much other work and activities to do, instead of concentrating on one.

7) 7. ………you know better……

8) 8. …..ask yourself……..

There’s a saying, ‘Time is gold’…and so Arabs say Az-zamanu kas-Soif (Time is like a sword). English view time as gold because time can make money. If you miss even a second of your timeframe, you will lose the opportunity cost of your business (whatever your daily activity that you can possibly do)...and lose money. Arabs view time as a sword because it can cut your timeframe. Hence, it might kill you (it means ‘regret’. Yes, you say “I’m dead” whenever you feel regret, am I right?

Enough for today! So….Don’t die! Never cry! Let’s chau! Bye-bye! *wink!

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