Candy Goody...

This small candy goody was made for a friend, Faten. She was wondering how my favourite cheap chocolate would taste, and so I gave her the chocs. I don't like giving plain and boring things to people. I'll at least wrap them up or decorate them somehow....

I used this piece of....whatever it is. I cut it somewhere..hehe

Then, it was folded to be a box-like basket....then I decorated it with laces, flowers and ribbons to make it cute!
Who says cheap things can't look outstanding??!

The chocolate's brand which I'm talking about is Fun Chocolate. It's only 10 cents per chocolate....RM0.10. It is originated from Guangzhou, China. It has been re-branded here, but the taste and the packaging are still the same. It doesn't have a certified HALAL logo from JAKIM. However, it has gone through BP Healthcare insyaAllah it doesn't contain uncertain ingredients.

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  1. I would love for you to show this off at my Wickedly Crafty Saturdays!

  2. Hi Ninie!! Nice to know you :) Yup, it's not about whether it is expensive or not, it is always about how we make do of it :) This is indeed so nice!! Quite brilliant :) Thank you for your visit, truly appreciate :) Happy scrapping and have a wonderful week ahead ya!! Lets keep in touch =)

  3. lovely idea and yummie to.

  4. Beth@Wiccan = Thanks...this choc really reminds me how wonderful my childhood was...haha. Will be visiting ur blog soon!
    Sabrina = Thank you! :D
    Lean = Yummy!