Scrap & Roses

This picture was taken when I lead a group of students from one of universities of China (4July2011). They were visiting UiTM Malaysia. The funniest thing was, they once asked me about a name of a tree planted around here. They said, they have the same type of tree in China too.
OMG....How should I know about trees? Haha...I'm not a garderner here. But of course, I professionally answered them. Yes, I might have told some lies....about the trees!! But...well, I have order to save face. I was carrying our university's name and even our country's brand, Malaysia! Cheewwwahh!!
It's fun to make should try too! They are beautiful...well, I'll improve my skill...of course.
Practices make perfect...that's what people say.

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  1. wow I think you have done an amazing job of these roses .. they are totally awesome .. well done .. hugz x

  2. salam. sis, can u show how to make these craft ? e.g : make a tutorial (i'm interested to learn)
    (^_^) thanks !

  3. Wickedly beautiful roses! Thanks for stopping by Wiccan Make Some Too & becoming a follower. I love the looks of your blog & your work. Following you now too.

  4. Heather = Thank u.... :-D
    Fiery Phoenix = Okay, will be looking forward to write a tutorial for ya...*hugs
    Beth@Wiccan = Sure!!