Langkawi....I simply miss you!

Although this was not the first I visited Langkawi, this trip was the best ever! Thanks to Academy of Applied Language Studies UiTM Malaysia and 1 Malaysia Project & the gang for such a wonderful yet memorable trip (17 May- 20 May 2011).... This might be the last trip I've ever joined in this academy since I've completed my degree programme....(oh, how I'm gonna miss my degree-student life!)
I can still vividly feel its island breeze....
the divine pictures of its land and beach are worth to see....
where the birds and monkeys are singing and will always be...
the smell of nature seems to keep me free....
Oh, how I miss Langkawi....
I love it, seriously!

Island hopping....from island to island

Dayang Bunting Island
Beras Basah Island

It reminds me a song in Barbie: The Island Princess

"Nothing beats the brand new shore
streaming into view
after weeks upon the waves
let's feel up somewhere new
all the richest of the world
can't compare to these
golden sand and silver cloud
the fragrant island breeze
what we'll i discover next
is all the mystery
different everyday
there's so much to do and learn
and touch and hear and see
just a step away"

Langkawi.....I'll come again

> HOBBY@Diary.Nie <
My hobby is to decorate things...& so

I've collected kilos of dead corals
at Beras Basah Island Beach
and made these....


  1. WoW your photography is so gorgeous! Also so is your blog! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am so delighted to now be following yours!

  2. Susie = Thank you so much.... Langkawi Island is the one of the beautiful places in Malaysia.